Appointment Info

General Information for Massage Therapy Appointment

Hello! Thank you for scheduling an appointment with me! Please take note of the following general information prior to your appointment:     

-  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out or review your Confidential Client Intake Form. If there are any special requirements or concerning medical conditions, please notify me prior to your appointment. ** The form can be located on the "Client Intake Form" page.

-  If you cannot make your appointment, please contact me within 24 hours to cancel / reschedule the appointment.  ** Please review the cancellation policy on the "Business Policies" page.

-  Your treatment, time, and body are yours! As such, I want you to thoroughly enjoy your massage therapy experience! Please let me know, at any time, if you are experiencing discomfort or if the amount of touch (pressure) is too light or too deep. Communication between us is very important to ensure a positive experience!   

-  For facial massages / mini face lift and drainage treatments, please do not wear makeup.    

-  Please take a shower before the appointment, if possible.

-  If jewelry is worn (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, watches), please remove them before the paraffin hand therapy and / or massage session begins.

-  The best way to receive a massage is unclothed; however, this may be uncomfortable for some clients. You determine your level of comfort in disrobing! During the session, you will always be fully draped with a sheet and blanket, and only uncovered in the area that is being massaged. If there any concerns, simply speak with me before we begin our session. 

-  As there is limited space available in the massage therapy studio, and no waiting area available, please do not bring children to the appointment.

-  To maintain a tranquil atmosphere during the massage session, please silence or turn off your phone when you arrive to the appointment.

-  Please avoid a heavy meal prior to your massage, and hydrate well before and after your massage session!    

A Confidential Client Intake Form must be completed and signed before our session begins. The form can be located on the “Client Intake Form” page. If possible, print out the form, fill it out completely, and bring it with you to the appointment….....this will save us time when you arrive. I will review the form and discuss any concerns you identified before we begin the session. Please note the following:    

-  It is very important to list any medical conditions or medications for which a massage may be harmful and not beneficial for you.     

-  Emphasize the areas of the body that you would prefer to be massaged, as well as any areas that you prefer not to be massaged. Also, the type of touch (pressure) you prefer.

For your comfort, and if you are new to massage, you may bring a guest to observe the massage therapy session. Seating is limited; therefore, please bring only one guest to the appointment. After your session is complete, if your guest would like to also schedule a massage, I will schedule him or her for the next available appointment. Just a note……the next available appointment may not be the same day as yours depending on my daily appointment schedule. Thank you for understanding!

Lastly, my goal for your massage therapy session is to provide you with a safe, relaxing, and therapeutic massage which will help to increase your circulation, reduce muscle tension, and gently ease away stress from everyday life!

Thank you in advance for choosing my business, and I look forward to helping you RELAX!

Teresa “Teri” Meagher, SC LMBT #9835 

Owner, RELAX, LLC Massage Therapy

221 Vista Oaks Drive, Lexington SC 29072

Mobile:  803-351-5810