I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the clients I've helped!  Simply give me a call, and I'll be happy to connect you with them!

Aug 15 - "5 Star FB Review" - "I so appreciated the care I received while in your spa. You have a great future! I need to schedule another appointment soon!"  Kimberly

Dec 15 - "5 Star FB Review" - "Excellent service and care! Very relaxing. I recommend this wonderful business!"  Stacie  

Apr 16 - "5 Star FB Review" - "Unbelievable! Does a great job with specific issues. Feel like a million bucks after. Highly recommend!!"  James  

May 16 - "5 Star FB Review" - "Thank you so much for the massage today. It was fantastic and you do such a wonderful job. I would highly recommend Teri to anyone looking for a very relaxing experience. Already looking forward to my next visit with her. Thank you for your service to our Country too. See you soon."  Kay   

Jul 16 - "5 Star FB Review" - "I want to say thank you so much. Relax says it all. What a personal visit it was for me. The small things like the welcome sign with my name on it in the changing area, being called by my name, and remembering me from my last visit are just a couple of the touching moments. The self-help advice was also very kind. See you again soon and thank you for your services and your relaxing touch."  Megan  

Jul 16 - "5 Star FB Review" - "Would give more stars if possible. Thanks for a fantastic massage. I actually slept all night without pain! Very professional and personal attention. Extremely attentive to "your" issues. Wonderful relaxing atmosphere. Please consider Teri for your massage. I am a hard case but Teri did research on my problems before I got there. Thanks again and see you again soon. May God bless."  Deree

Jul 16 - "5 Star FB Review" - "I had the most amazing massage this evening. Teri was on point with the pressure and stretching. I really love the neck pillow and the warm bamboo rolls! I will be back!"  Tammy  

Aug 16 - "5 Star FB Review" - "I am the massage queen. Been all around the world. Hands down best experience ever. Ranks up there with 5 star massage therapists!"  Pam  

Sep 16 - "5 Star FB Review" - "My first massage with Teresa corrected some pain issues I was having. Massage therapy is one of the most important therapies to consider for overall wellness. I have booked massages with Teresa through the end of the year. Extremely satisfied with the techniques she uses. Comfortable surroundings and caring personality. Please consider Teresa for your next massage, you will be pleased."  Barbara  

Sep 16 - "5 Star FB Review" - "Teresa listened to my concerns and then made a decision of how to best treat my symptoms. She was very gentle and worked my back, neck, and head. She is very professional and accommodating. The ambience is so relaxing and puts you right at ease. I will definitely be returning and would highly recommend her services to others!"  Cassie  

Oct 16 - "5 Star FB Review" - "What a great experience! It was a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Perfect birthday gift to myself! Thank you!"  Ashleigh

Dec 16 - "5 Star FB Review" - "Today I had my very first experience with Relax, LLC Massage Therapy and I must say my favorite massage experience ever. Teri has created a professional and inviting atmosphere which contributed to a very comfortable and relaxing massage experience. Her attention to every detail was obvious from the temperature of the room, the wonderful smell, lighting, room decor, relaxing sounds, and even the little personalized welcome note I noticed in the changing area. Her knowledge and professional training is evident in the quality of her work as I truly believe my massage today was the best. All muscle groups are happy!! I left with thoughts of planning my next visit.....which may very well be next week! Give her a try folks....I promise you will enjoy!"  Rich   

Feb 17 - "Square Review" - "The best experience I've ever had. Teri focused on my issue spots and went above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely be back and recommend RELAX, LLC to friends and family."  Brittany  

Feb 17 - "5 Star FB Review" - "Teri was wonderful! She listened to my concerns and suggested what massage techniques would be best. She really takes her time! It was a great experience! I will definitely go back!"  Lynn  

Feb 17 - "Better Business Bureau (BBB) Review" - "Excellent therapist and clean and therapeutic atmosphere! She is always on time and exceeds my expectations! She provides an excellent service! I would highly recommend this therapist to anyone!!"  Tammy

Mar 17 - "5 Star FB Review" - "Teri is awesome! I highly recommend her - the name says it all - RELAX!"  Renee

Mar 17 - "5 Star FB Review" - "Hands down the best! I had my first experience with Teri today and I will be coming back! In fact, I made my next appointment before I left. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing. Her knowledge is stellar; I felt like a million bucks when I left. If you get the chance, please give her a try. I know you will enjoy as much as I did! Thank you Teri, see you next time."  Sam

Mar 17 - "Better Business Bureau (BBB) Review" - "Most relaxing, professional and therapeutic massage. Teri goes above and beyond to make the experience individualized from the serene atmosphere, discussing specific concerns, and offering helpful tips to enhance your massage after the visit. This is a treat you must experience for yourself!" Linda    

Mar 17 - "Square Review" - "Great massage!"  Cheryl    

Apr 17 - "Better Business Bureau (BBB) Review" - "Professional massage therapist. Uses different modalities to ensure the client receives the personal, professional massage therapy they have scheduled. The calm and tranquil atmosphere is exactly as promised." Barb

May 17 - "Better Business Bureau (BBB) Review" - "So professional and caring. Always asks about your concerns and problem areas before getting started. Teresa goes over medical history (surgeries, medications) each time to ensure the best treatment for your issues. The atmosphere is tranquil and you are immediately at ease even if it is your first time. She is licensed in many areas of massage and explains what she is going to do before she starts. I try to go monthly as a part of my overall health care."  Beth  

Sep 17 - "5 Star FB Review" - "Very relaxing and adjusts services to needs of the client! Will be returning for more massages."  Erica  

Nov 17 - "Google" - "My experience with Teri was AMAZING. She is excellent and very attentive to my needs. The atmosphere is inviting and very relaxing. I love the individual attention. I will definitely book her again and I have already recommended her to a few of my friends."  Kionia    

Dec 17 - "FB Comment" - "Teresa Meagher does a wonderful job!! My husband and I both love to get our massages from "Relax" because the name says it all!! Thank you Teresa for a job well done!!"  Mary   

Dec 17 - "FB Comment" - "Great way to start off my week with another fabulous massage!!"  Tammy  

Jan 18 - "5 Star FB Review" - "Teri is absolutely amazing! Hands down the best masseuse I've ever had. She's very caring and professional, making sure she addresses any concerns before the session begins."  Nikki 

Feb 18 - "Square Review" - "Excellent therapeutic massage. Relaxing and attractive surroundings."  Paula   

Feb 18 - "FB Comment" - "Another amazing massage by Teresa Meagher SC LMBT. I am so much more flexible after this massage!! Love the hot wraps, cool eye pillow, and neck pillow. It's those extra little things integrated into the massage that makes the experience so wonderful! She is the best!"  Tammy  

Feb 18 - "Square Review" - "A therapeutic massage that gives me remarkable relief from my sciatic pain. Thank you!"  Paula

Mar 18 - "Square Review" - "Best therapeutic massage!"  Paula

Mar 18 - "FB Comment" - "My hip flexors are thanking you right now! Thank you for another wonderful deep tissue massage, and the extra therapy services as well, including cupping, heat pack, and cool eye pillow! The orange oil was amazing too! Everyone should treat themselves to this therapeutic treatment. There would be less chairs to fill in the doctor's lounge! Best experience ever!"  Tammy 

May 18 - "5 Star FB Review" - "I had my first prenatal massage with Teri and it was fantastic. She discusses technique options with you prior to beginning and puts together an individualized massage to meet your specific needs. Truly the best massage I've ever received. Highly recommend."  Danielle

Jul 18 - "5 Star FB Review" - "After being turned into a pretzel by some rough waves in the ocean, I had some neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Teri was able to target the exact spots and alleviate the issues. Her home is very welcoming, private, and you could tell down to the little chocolate (that I forgot to take), that she thinks about every detail of comfort for your visit. Will definitely return to her in the future."  Amy

Mar 19 - "FB Comment" - "Best LMT around! Had a wonderful massage this afternoon! All of my post race muscle soreness is gone!"  Tammy 

Jun 19 - "Square Review" - Customer Service; Environment; Quality; Wait Time - "Really great massage! Very qualified therapist, always learning new techniques."  Ann